I'm in love...

... with this guy: Jia Jiang and his blog

Wanting to be an entrepreneur, he decided to try to overcome his fears by teaching himself how to handle rejection. His plan was to make preposterous demands to complete strangers, film the event (one per day), post it on Youtube, and blog about it. (The game is called "rejection therapy" and the rules -of which there is only one- can be found here).

In his penultimate video, he walks into a random office building to find a CEO to do a staring contest with him... and succeeds in doing one with the VP of marketing!!

This is amazing and strangely moving. (It's also a fail according to the one rule of rejection therapy; if you were not rejected, you didn't ask enough!)

There is recurring talk these days about how "social media" will change recruiting practices; my take on this is that, people looking for a job in sales should be asked if they have a video of themselves where they challenge the CEO of a random company to a staring contest, and where they actually get a VP of said company to do one with them.

Numbers on a resume can be faked. This is real.

Thu, 10 Jan 2013 • permalink